Immigration Law FAQs

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people who are thinking about immigrating to the United States for work or for permanent citizenship, it is perfectly natural to have some questions about the process and how it works. Many folks go through this process every single year, and there are all kinds of information out there that can be helpful for a hopeful US immigrant who needs a few questions answered.

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Sound like something you’re thinking about? Check out some of these frequently asked questions and answers about US immigration to see if the information you are looking for is here.

Will I need an immigration lawyer when attempting to get a green card?

No, having an immigration lawyer is not a requirement if you’re looking into getting a green card. It is certainly helpful, however, as navigating the hazy world of immigration law can be confusing for someone who is unfamiliar with it.

How long will it take me to legally immigrate to the United States?

Immigration to the United States can often be quite the process, and often can take a good deal of time depending on the amount of people trying to do the same thing. You can usually expect the processing time for a visa petition or green card application to take anywhere from one to three years, so don’t expect it to be something that happens overnight.

How can I immigrate to the United States?

US immigration requires a few things-usually a sponsorship from a permanent US citizen, such as a friend, relative, or employer in the US. You will have to have an approved petition for immigration before you can start filing the official paperwork.

Hopefully, these few FAQs gave you some insight into what you might expect when thinking about immigrating to the US. To navigate this field as expertly as possible, make sure you get in touch with an experienced US immigration lawyer in Edmonton, Alberta, who knows this process inside and out and can help you get your immigration process completed expertly.