Spot a Drain Problem? Important Information You Should Know

Slow or clogged drains inconvenience homeowners but they also indicate a more troublesome problem lurking beneath the surface. When you notice drain problems, call plumbers near me in elgin, il as soon as possible.

plumbers near me in elgin, il

Avoid using Drain Cleaners

Many people rush out to buy a drain cleaner when their drains show signs of trouble.  They have been hailed as a great solution and costs are dramatically less than the cost of professional service. Drain cleaners are hit or miss, sometimes caring for the problem and other times, doing nothing more than wasting money. The biggest problem with drain cleaner is the long-term damage they cause to the plumbing system.

At Home Drain Cleaners

Many at home drain cleaning solutions may help clear up a slow or clogged drain. Rather than use a drain cleaner, give one of these alternatives a try instead. They work without damaging your plumbing system. At home natural cleaning options include:

·    Baking Soda and vinegar

·    Dawn dish liquid and hot water

·    Vinegar and lemon

These solutions show better results for minor clogs, so act early if you notice a problem. Even when these solutions resolve the problem, call a plumber for further assistance and diagnosis of the real cause of damage.

Cost of Plumbing Service

Drain service cost varies from one job to the next. The depth of the problem impacts the cost of service. That is why you should immediately call a plumber when you notice issues with any drain in your home. The sooner you call for service, the less gruesome and less expensive the repair.


Plumbers have a variety of treatments for clogged and slow drains. Call for help at the first sign of trouble and resolve this issue before it becomes problematic.